Four Questions for the 2015 USL Season

We’re fast approaching the beginning of the 2015 USL season with First Kick less than two weeks away. Plenty has changed since Sacramento raised the USL Championship Trophy back in late September. Rosters have been overhauled, new teams have been brought into the fold; the entire makeup of the league has changed in the past […]

Rebranding: What to Take Away from USL Rising

The league office announced today the undertaking of an ambitious rebranding. No more will the third division of American soccer be called “USL PRO,” and fans will no longer see the flaming soccer ball league crest. The league has been rebranded as simply the USL, emphasizing the united nature of the teams that compete within […]

USL Pro Season Primer

With the schedule finally being released, the USL Pro season is fast approaching first kick. While player announcements will continue to roll out as we get closer to the season, especially with all the tryouts currently taking place, supporters can now start planning their summer trips.

Sacramento’s Potential Move

The news broke thanks to Marcos Breton of The Sacramento Bee on Wednesday night that Sacramento Republic had secured the financial backing of the NBA’s Sacramento Kings. This investment not only shows that the City of Sacramento is a united front when it comes to its professional sports landscape, but that the Republic is one […]

USL PRO Check Up

The final pieces of the puzzle were unveiled today, as Toronto FC II and an unnamed New York Red Bulls team were announced for the 2015 USL Pro season. TFC2 has been in the works since November, while NYRB2 (for lack of a better name) has been the league’s worst keep secret over the past […]

Still a Competition in USL Pro

The talk of sides in USL Pro from the outside often begins and ends at Orlando City, and while they are arguably (and probably) the best side in the league the league is actually a bit more competitive than many think. Of course those that follow the league know this, but this year the competition […]