The Lions Are No Longer Rookies

It was a beautiful day on March 8, 2015.  The Florida sun was vibrant, as the heat seemed to be turning up for the first time in the year, with summer fast approaching. Across the street from the Citrus Bowl, people barbecued, wearing these purple jerseys. Everyone was outside, wearing purple jerseys. It was reminiscent […]

Ten More Fixtures: Orlando’s Playoff Prospects

It’s coming up on that time of year again, where gifts, boots, and miracles are abound but we’re not talking about your annual Christmas or Winter hype, Timmy. We’re talking about MLS Playoff hype. Unlike Christmas, this is a time where elbows fly and curse words are nigh. Respect for the single entity dies and […]

OCSC Pre-match Reading: Columbus Crew Visit, Again

With Orlando City set to take on Columbus at home for the third time this year, there’s an abundance of topics to cover and discuss. We thought we’d bring all of those topics straight to you like the multi-functional MLS news service that we are. The Old Revolving Door After the inevitable trades that included […]

The Ganso Saga: Hope and Grief

It’s been a wild summer in MLS. Weve seen players such as Giovani Dos Santos and Pirlo signed, while seeing multiple high profile players linked with the league. One of those high profile players is Paulo Henrique Ganso. Better known as Ganso, he has eight caps for Brazil, an exquisite touch, and a demeanor, talent […]

Think Kaka is Orlando’s Most Important Player? Soon, You Wont.

When you are roughly 60 percent through any season, you can clearly see the integral pieces of any team. Specifically, you can see how said pieces have helped throughout the season, and their possible upside to contribute in the future. Unlike other teams however, this is Orlando’s inaugural season. So, we are now at a […]

Orlando City Plan to Appeal Kaka Red Card

In Saturday night’s 1-1 draw in Sandy, Utah, Orlando City captain Kaka was shown a red card for what the referee deemed was violent conduct. According to Orlando Sentinel reporter Paul Tenorio, Orlando plans to appeal the red card. What goes in to the appeal process? It’s not as easy as you may think. 

The Myrtle Effect; OCSC, Eight Games In

Orlando City SC are one of six teams in Major League Soccer with one or no wins in their last six. Orlando’s attack is as dry as the turkey your Aunt Myrtle made last Thanksgiving. Like Thanksgiving, Orlando has this big name, the Turkey, or Kaka, with this really exciting side component, the jam, or […]

Four Points Heading Into Round Four, I Mean Three, Or Maybe Not

Heading into week three in MLS, Orlando City SC find themselves with four points. How long will they have four points? Will they take down Vancouver this weekend or will they suffer their first loss in franchise history? Orlando City have experienced drawing and winning thus far. A loss hasnt occurred yet obviously. Vancouver may […]

Orlando City SC 2015 Season Preview

The time is now Florida soccer fans. Have you been waiting since 2001 for Major League Soccer to return to the Sunshine State? Were you an Orlando City USL Pro fan? Or perhaps you are an Orlando sports fan. Whatever you may be along that spectrum, Orlando now has an MLS franchise and their journey […]