MLS Twitter Best XI – Goalkeeper Semifinals

Last season we debuted the MLS Twitter Best XI. Involvement and voting of fans, players, and clubs all led to a successful and fun contest. It's back!

Twitter has become a huge part of people’s everyday lives. As a matter of fact, you are probably reading this after clicking a link on Twitter. Celebrities and professional athletes have also taken a liking to Twitter as a place to share things and interact with their fans. Major League Soccer players have a strong presence on Twitter with so many of them being on Twitter and then getting their teammates to join. Besides having a strong presence, the players of MLS are also great follows. Not only do a lot of them interact daily with fans but they bring great insight to the game we all follow and some of them are quite funny and entertaining. Since we debuted this competition last year it seems the number of MLS players on Twitter has grown exponentially! 

What is the Twitter Best XI? Every season MLS comes out with the “Best XI”, a team of eleven players who are the best at their position. Now that we are in the offseason it is time to unveil the 2nd annual MLS Best XI on Twitter, a "team" of the best MLS players on Twitter. We will leave it up to you to vote for the best player at each position. We’ll let you decide on what you want to base your vote on; funniest guy, most interactive, best looking, our maybe a player on your favorite team.

Today we will start with the goalkeepers. The goalkeepers are divided into two groups and the top three from each group will advance to the final round of voting. You are allowed to vote once per day and the voting for keepers will close on Wednesday at 7 PM central time so make sure to come back each day and vote for your favorite to get them on our Twitter “team”. When you vote in one poll you will be redirected to another page showing you the results. You can click back in your browser to come back and vote for the other group if you would like to. Without further ado, here are your choices for goalkeeper.

Twitter Best XI: Goalkeeper (Group A) free polls 


Twitter Best XI: Goalkeeper (Group B) free polls


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