Voices of MLS: Brian Dunseth

In our "Voices of MLS" series we will be speaking with some of your favorite broadcasters from around the league. Today we spoke with Brian Dunseth. Read on after the jump to find out the unique way Brian got into broadcasting and who WON'T win the 2014 World Cup.

Total-MLS (TMLS): How did you get into broadcasting?

Brian Dunseth (BD): The week after I was released by the LA Galaxy, I headed back up to Salt Lake City (where my wife is from) on a Wednesday and that Saturday Real Salt Lake was playing at home. On the way to the game, I stumbled across the Pre-Game Radio Show and the guys were going over the opponents, the match ups, the keys, etc. I felt like they were missing some important pieces of 'What to look for', so I told them. And followed it up with 'if you ever need me, let me know…' I was on the next broadcast.

TMLS: How do you prepare for a broadcast?
BD: Depends on what I'm working on (MLS, USMNT, CCL, EUROPA LEAGUE), but over the years I've sorted out a pretty efficient system to find what I need for my notes for that game. Outside of watching almost every MLS match, it includes going over the game notes, reading stories and reports from the individual teams and looking for individual battles to keep on eye on.
TMLS: What’s been your most memorable moment in your career, so far?
BD: In broadcast? Being a part of the USMNT broadcasts are probably my favorite because it's the best of the best in the United States. But doing games that involve Real Madrid, AC Milan and Manchester United definitely are exciting experiences.
TMLS: Soccer and MLS is growing in North America. From a broadcaster standpoint, what do you see as some important steps for the league to continue its growth?
BD: Getting people to watch the games. We want players getting paid more money, bigger name players 'wanting' to come to MLS, then we need better numbers on the television side. We need a dedicated day and kickoff time where anyone in the United States knows EXACTLY when and where to tune in. I'd love to see Double Headers as well. Branding is the most important step we can take.
TMLS: You’re named MLS commissioner tomorrow. What’s the first thing you do?
BD: Transport every current player back to 1997 and let them see first hand how far we've come.
TMLS: With New York City and Orlando joining the league and Commissioner Garber wanting to go to 24 teams, what other markets do you see as possibilities for expansion franchises?
BD: It'd be hard not to name to bigger markets. Atlanta first and foremost with the history they have there in the game. But smaller markets like Kansas City and Salt Lake City have proven to be successful.
TMLS: If you could have one player from anywhere in the world join MLS, who would it be?
BD: Cristiano Ronaldo is the ONLY player that could mimic the ON & OFF the field success that David Beckham had with the LA Galaxy. Only a few are Lightning In A Bottle.
TMLS: What storyline will be all following in 2014?
BD: With the signing of Michael Bradley, it sure seems like USMNT'ers returning to MLS, but I think it will be more about the CBA negotiations and what the Television deals/money look like.
TMLS: Which team do you think will surprise us all in 2014, either good or bad?
BD: I'm going with the USMNT. World Cup in Brazil and in the Group of Death. Either they are three and out or they make it into the knockout rounds. 
TMLS: Who is one player to watch in 2014 that could have a breakout year?
BD: Depending on how this Toronto FC roster rounds out, Jermaine Defoe COULD have the same impact in MLS that Robbie Keane has had….
TMLS: Can you give us one bold prediction for MLS in 2014 and one for the world of soccer in general?  
BD: My hope is that cooler heads prevail during the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the players and Major League Soccer and a deal gets done before the New Year. And Brazil DOES NOT win the World Cup.
I'd like to thank Brian for his time. Keep checking back here for more of our Voices of MLS series!
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