Sound the Trumpets: Here Comes the Hall of Fame

In a press conference today littered with apocalyptic levels of references to Uncle Lamar, the US Soccer Hall of Fame has finally arrived. Or well, it will after 2018. Your patience is welcomed. All the specs and details regarding the new facility can be found here. It’s a new facade, entrance, and seating arrangement that […]

Puzzle Pieces In Perspective: Possible Big Ticket Items For FCD

The ticket price hike in Dallas has gone over like an explosive-filled, lead balloon. Much has been vented, written, and inscribed on bathroom stalls (picture needed) already about the crisis. An excellent interview done by Peter Welpton over at the Dallas Morning News is the first straight out of the horse’s mouth, that horse being VP […]

Bekker Experiment Done, Soumare Experience Begins

In a move to ensure depth at center back, FC Dallas has shipped off Kyle Bekker in a straight swap with the Montreal Impact. MLS and French Ligue Un veteran center back Bakary Soumare heads the opposite direction.

Road Woes Behind, Dallas Gladly Awaits Texas Derby

2015’s midseason lull came much like many others: with few points, roster re-thinks, midseason (or at least pending) acquisitions, and the same consternation, wingeing, or willful acceptance of mediocrity that has come to embody those of 2011, 2012, 201…

A Rumor Born As Another Fades

As the possibility of Mauro Diaz moving to Elche has fallen flat on its face (with the Spanish side being forcibly relegated from the Primera), a new one has been born: Samuel Eto’o.

FC Dallas Signs Panamanian International Escobar

Another midfielder has entered the fold in Frisco. FC Dallas signed 33 year old attacking midfielder Rolando Escobar. He joins FCD from Venezuelan Primera side Deportivo Anzoátegui SC, netting 31 goals in 104 appearances.

A Memorable Dismantling

“He turns the lights on.” Why not torture this metaphor a bit more? He ignites the torch. He raises the sun.