Betting Lines: Everything you need to Know

Thanks to the soaring growth of internet connectivity, it is has become such an easy task to bet on almost any kind of sport. You can place a bet on football, NFL, golf, name them. It has become a 24/7 type of business. With billions of dollars in investments, betting is a huge business by […]

Toronto FC Clinches First Playoff Berth in Franchise History

The past 9 years have not been easy. Anyone who’s followed the team is well aware of our status and reputation. This city has been a running joke for ninety-percent of a decade; the perpetual league doormat. As the saying goes, “the only things in life that are certain are death and taxes.” In MLS, […]

TFC in Tough against the Revs

“The playoffs are in sight!” Those are either the most encouraging words to the ears of TFC fans or famous last words. Regardless, Sunday’s match up against New England should have all the characteristics of a playoff match. Not that I know anything about that given where I’m from and whom I write about, but […]

Herculez Gomez and Home Games

The month of July was exactly what we thought it would be. It was difficult. But through it all, the Reds managed to keep things on an even keel despite missing their captain and other key pieces. As usual, TFC was carried on the back of Sebastian Giovinco, whose unprecedented goal scoring abilities and play […]

Cautiously Optimistic at the Midway Point

Fans of Toronto sports in all major leagues haven’t had much to cheer about since really the early 90’s. The Blue Jays were back to back World Series champions. The Leafs were a missed high sticking call away from a probable Stanley Cup berth. The hype surrounding the expansion of the NBA into Canada was […]

TFC in for a Rough Month of July

Over the last month and a bit, TFC fans have been treated to some of the best soccer we’ve ever seen. Since beating Orlando way back on April 26th, the team has caught fire and Reds have gone an unprecedented 6-2-2 in their last 10 games, finding themselves sitting just one point back of New […]

TFC Fans Get a Glimpse of the Past and Present at BMO

After what feels like a lot longer than it actually has been, the Reds will hopefully be picking up where they left off on Saturday after stringing together 3 consecutive victories against difficult opponents. But before TFC welcomes Manchest…I mean the Yank…wait a minute…New York City FC to BMO Field for their first ever encounter, […]

The Giovinco Show Rolls in to DC

Sebastian Giovinco is the best player to ever wear Toronto FC red. By the end of his contract, he could very well prove that he is, in fact, one of the very best to ever play in MLS.

TFC Gets a New Roommate Whether They Like It or Not

The “will they or wont they” saga is finally over. Toronto’s beloved “football” franchise has found itself a new home. As it just so happens, that home is already occupied by Toronto’s other football club.

TFC’s Disappoints 30,000 at Newly Renovated BMO Field Opener

Soul-sucking. Deflating. Like the feeling you got when you’d do something bad and get caught by your parents, but they wouldn’t come down hard on you, they’d just tell you they were “disappointed in you”. What a horrible feeling. Disappointment is worse than rage because disappointment breeds apathy.

Just Hold On, We’re Going Home

Everyone knew heading into 2015 that the 8 game extended road trip was going to be tough. Seven league games and a Canadian Championship match shoved into 10 weeks on the road.

TFC Picks up 3rd Straight Loss in Chicago

The off-season rhetoric was that of management having finally solved TFC’s back line issues once and for all. As we’ve seen early in this season already, defending is still very much the Achilles Heel of this team no matter how much cash has been spent on bonafide attack minded players. Despite having US internationals Altidore […]

Giovinco’s Time to Shine is Now

With several notable absences through injury, suspension, and international duty, what becomes fairly clear is this: today is Giovinco’s time to shine.

Refereeing Called into Question Again as TFC picks up a Loss in Columbus

With Toronto FC’s second match of the season now in the books, it’s fair to say we’ve been introduced to the two possible extremes very early in a season. We have seen just how capable this team is at dictating the play and their level of composure while leading in the final minutes, and just […]