Orlando City Plan to Appeal Kaka Red Card

In Saturday night’s 1-1 draw in Sandy, Utah, Orlando City captain Kaka was shown a red card for what the referee deemed was violent conduct. According to Orlando Sentinel reporter Paul Tenorio, Orlando plans to appeal the red card. What goes in to the appeal process? It’s not as easy as you may think. 

According to the league rules on appealing a red card, there is a lot that goes in to getting the red card overturned. Each team puts up $25,000 before the season for the right to make up to two unsuccessful bids.

Within 24 hours of the match, the club must send written notice on club letterhead to the league with any and all evidence they have to support the appeal.

An independent three member panel will oversee the appeal. One member of US Soccer, one member of the CSA, and one member of PRO will be on the panel. The panel reviews all evidence and then is to answer two questions.

1. Did the referee correctly identify the offense in accordance with the Laws of the Game?

2. Is the disciplinary sanction applied appropriate for the offense?

If the answer to both questions is no, the appeal will be successful. The decision by the panel must be unanimous.

(image courtesy of AP)

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