Onward and Upward For The Rapids

What a crazy month for the Rapids, go from a 6 tie streak, and 8 game unbeaten streak to being dragged under the bus by the Galaxy and more recently the Crew. Disappointing losses that saw a 3-1 defeat followed by a 4-1 defeat, respectively.  Good news? Conor Casey is back and scoring 4 goals in the last 5 games. Bad news? Well, I’d start with bad fouls with red cards being the result in the last 2 games by Caleb Folan and Casey, the latter hindering Colorado from ever getting their feet back on the ground vs. the Crew. I’d continue the bad news with poor defending mistakes that were summarily capitalized upon for goals.

Colorado Rapids

I’m a glass half full guy, however, and the Rapids are scrappy dogs that (sometimes) end up on top. The White House press conference today was very cool, I’m watching it while wearing my Rapids shirt beaming with pride. President Obama gave personal shoutouts to Pablo Mastroeni, Mac Kandji, Conor Casey, Kosuke Kimura, and Omar Cummings before given the captains jersey #10 with his name on the back. Obama in a Rapids jersey?? No matter what your political affiliation, that’s pretty cool. I even saw some RSL blogs tweet congratulations to the Rapids for their honors today… What is this world coming to?

Next up, Dynamo at home. Fourth of July weekend is notoriously awesome at Dicks Sporting Goods Park. The Dynamo are coming off 3 losses, a tie and a win, and the Rapids need to start coming together and acting like the champs they are. Hopefully the pride of receiving their rings and a pep talk by the President of the free world will inspire them to beat the Dynamo again this season.


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