Crew Try to Get Back on Track

The Crew seem to be playing the same old song and dance. The problems from last year are manifesting this year. Eddie Gavin said it best, “I just don’t think we have been dynamic enough.” Well said good sir. The midfield is disjointed. I sit here trying to think of better words but that keeps coming to mind. This is the start of week seven and the Crew sit with two wins and three, colossal, losses.

Andy Gruenebaum

I can understand the loss in Colorado, their pre-season was cut short due to rain and the first team had yet to play together. Then they win against Canadian opposition, status quo. Then comes New York into Columbus. New York had not won in Columbus since 2006 and the Crew had a good chance to win the match. All until New York scores two goals in the first thirteen minutes and four overall. This was a setback. It does not matter what team is playing in Crew Stadium, but you assume they are in for a long night. The Crew were in for the long night. When a team, any team, goes down so early in a match it easily goes from bad to worse. New York handled the Crew like Messi handles a defense, easily. That game was an embarrassment. Last week they went into Philly, who had yet to win, and they were handled, literally, thanks to Gehrig handling the ball in the box. Simply put, the Crew are off track.

I am pointing my finger at you midfield. You are not winning the 50/50 balls. You are not controlling the midfield. You are being careless with the ball. You, in short, are failing. Are there injuries? Yes, but who does not have some injuries throughout the MLS?  Your play is wearing out the defense and making the forwards too one dimensional. What needs to happen? Like Gavin said, play more dynamic. It is that simple. Control the ball, don’t give it away, the long ball is not the answer, and please challenge. If the midfield can get their act together then the Crew will be a team to be reckoned with. If that does not happen then this will be a long season.

On to Saturday’s game with Houston; in this game I would love to say what is going to happen. However I cannot. The Crew are missing something in the midfield. I don’t know what but they are missing something. Is it a player? Is it creativity? Is it both? I am not sure. I thought with the additions the team would be back to their old glory but it seems that they have fallen back to the slump of last year. If the Crew can play more dynamically in the midfield, while playing at home, you can look for a good game and a one nil win for the Crew. If they play like they did last week then Houston will run all over the midfield, the defense will become tired and the forwards will become flat. What needs to happen? The bottom line is the midfield needs to play to their potential. If that happens then it will be a win for the Crew. That is the way I see it. Win or lose enjoy the beautiful game and make today better than yesterday.

(image courtesy of Jamie Sabau)

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