Problems Arise for Crew Ahead of Match with DC

Okay, okay, Columbus you got me. Funny joke, you are playing this badly to get me to laugh right? I get it, you are messing with me, right? Somehow I don’t think you are joking, however the way you are playing is a joke. I remember the days of when teams would come to Columbus and they were almost guaranteed to lose. You made them play tentatively, now not so much. Last week, while I was on vacation and glad I did not watch the game, you let Sporting KC waltz into Columbus and win 2-0. Let me say it again, you lost 2-0. And Emilio Renteria is suspended for one game due to a head butt, to add insult to injury. Oh wait, it does not bother me that he is out for a game; he could be out of Columbus for all I care. I am tired of his on and off field antics. He is acid for this young team. If anything he can be a teacher for the young players of what NOT to do. When he was playing second fiddle I liked him more. He went out and scored goals. Now that he is ‘the’ forward on Columbus he spends more time flopping around the pitch when his first touch is a bit too heavy, which is often.

Columbus Crew


Speaking of injuries, instead of spending money on a Designated Player can Columbus spend the money on a Designated Trainer? It just seems that year after year after year there has been an injury problem. Well at least since Robert Warzycha took over the team. Yes there were injury problems before him, but those were in the course of a season. Now it seems that a player has a good game and BOOM he is injured. I know you are thinking that I have never been a fan of Warzycha and that I may be a little critical of him, but let’s look at the tale of the tape. How many quality players have had season ending injuries under his tutelage? I lost count when Bernardo Anor went down for the season earlier this week. How many championships has Bobby won? None. For that fact how many championship games has Columbus been in since Bobby took over? Again, sadly, none. This team has some quality in it, but it is bogged down with injuries, player antics, and a pathetic inability to score. Again let’s look at the tape. Columbus has 17 goals, Chris Wondolowski has…17 goals. It hurts.

There are several problems that need to be fixed with Columbus in the second half but before that happens they will be playing D.C. United, in Columbus.  Usually this is where I write with a little swagger but it is just not in me. I would love to say that D.C. is in for a long night coming to Columbus but I just don’t have that confidence. Hopefully Carlos Mendes coming back will give the Crew the spark they need. There is one thing that will greatly improve this team, aggression. I can remember growing up and my dad, also the coach, telling me, “Kevin you are a defender; you have to be aggressive. You do that and the team will follow.” This Crew team sits back too much and looks to see what will happen next instead of taking action and controlling the game. My hope is that Mendes will instill this aggression into the team and take the game to D.C. and not the other way around. If, and this is a big IF, Columbus can play their game, impose their will, and control the ball then D.C. will indeed have a long night ahead of them in Columbus. If not then I have a long night ahead of me in Akron. That is the way I see it. Win or lose enjoy the beautiful game and make today better than yesterday.

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