Up and Down Crew Head to New England

The Crew have had a season like many seasons before, marred with injuries. This recent international break should help the Crew get back to being a healthy team. Though they have lost William Hesmer and Tommy Heinemann, others have been able to step up and take their place, most notably Andy Gruenebaum and Aaron Schoenfeld. This week the Crew travel to New England and, hopefully, with Chad Marshall back that will help to shore up the porous defense. During the break my hope is that the starting eleven had more time to gel. In order to play as a team, they need to be aware of what the other ten men on the pitch are doing and what each individual’s part is in the action.

Andy Gruenebaum

The major priority of the Crew against the Revs is to increase the number of goals being scored, especially in the first half. This is like beating a dead horse though because it comes up with each and every game. The offense needs to run off the ball better and create their own chances. Instead of this, they are sitting and waiting for service from Schelloto, who obviously isn’t there anymore to provide easy offense for the remainder of the team. Schoenfeld does a good job at forward, but he is young and needs guidance from the remaining players.

The lack of goals directly relates to Emilio Renteria and his mouth. His time is spent complaining about supposed non calls as opposed to focusing on his job on the field. His job is to score goals, not complain about the ref. If the antics on field stop, maybe the goals will start. Renteria is more than capable of scoring goals and needs to start living up to his ability to be one of the top Crew scorers.

Saturday’s game will be played through the Crew’s midfield. If O’Rourke can help the defense to gel and focus on playing in front of them, the Rev forwards will be faced with a long day. My prediction for the final score is a 2-2 tie. While I would love to call for a win, I just don’t see it happening for Crew fans this week. Unexpected things have happened in the past though; look at what the Crew created in Seattle.

That is the way I see it. Enjoy the beautiful game, win or lose and make today better than yesterday.

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