Brian Ching Sounds Off After Loss to New England

Saturday night the Houston Dynamo were beaten 2-0 by the New England Revolution at BBVA Compass Stadium. The loss was the second straight loss at home for the Dynamo and emotions were boiling over. Defender Bobby Boswell was sent off in the first half for a head butt but after the match it was forward Brian Ching who had some things to say about how teams play against the Dynamo at BBVA.

The following is a transcript of Ching's postgame press conference:

Asked for his thoughts on the match Ching replied: "I don’t know what to say. Dom (Kinnear) said it all. Disappointed.”

A reporter then asked Ching: “Brian you were pretty, your emotions there, it seems like you were disgusted with some of the tactics out there. Can you talk about that, I saw Suttleworth try and shake your hand and you weren’t having any of it."

Ching: "I think teams have figured out they can come in here and get away with the theatrics. Ya know, I think it’s something that the league should look in to. Give our guys credit. Other teams come here and they must feel they need to play that way to get a result. Diving on the ground when they’re not hurt. Agudelo grabbed his face when I ran into him. Basically my message to them was, be a man. You guys are up 2-0. You guys scored 2 goals on us and you don’t need to be wasting time. You don’t need to be rolling around on the ground like you’ve been shot. The last 2 games you see that. I’m disappointed. I think our league is better than that. It should be better than that. I think the veterans on their team should be better than that because we don’t stand for that. A guy on our team rolls around on the ground and he gets made fun of and he gets told to get, get up basically. And I’m embarrassed when you see that and that fuels the fire. I think it should be up to the guys on their team, the veterans, to stand up and be men. Teach these guys how to play the game the right way. You’re winning because you played well, you beat us hands down, at our home field and it’s not an easy thing to do but you don’t need to roll around on the ground and delay time because it’s embarrassing.”

Ching ended the press conference: "Look, that’s not the story. We lost. We know we lost. We didn’t play well.” 

Needless to say the two consecutive home losses have the Dynamo players upset and it may take a leader like Ching to get the team back on the right track. Time will tell how the team, and also the league and its officials, respond to these comments. 

Dustyn Richardson

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