Alen Marcina Named Head Coach Of Rayo OKC

This past Thursday Rayo OKC held an event at a local pub to announce their first head coach. There were rumors before it was officially announced that Alen would be named coach of the club , but we all know we shouldn’t believe rumors.

At the pub Alen was named the first head coach in the history of the club. Alen is a great coach for Rayo ,  he brings NASL experience and has won a championship.  Alen is hungry and is ready for this challenge which is the best thing about this appointment.

“I’m going to go everywhere to find the talent for the team,” Marcina on building the team.

That is the biggest question , when are they going to sign players?  I’m not sure at the moment but Alen has connections from his playing career and coaching career , so hopefully we see some NASL talent added. Lastly we are going to see some talent from Rayo Vallecano . That is something that NASL fans don’t want to see but is something that has to happen because of their involvement with the club .

What are your thoughts on Alen Marcina being named the first head coach of Rayo OKC ? Leave that in the comment section below.

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