A Brief History of the LA Angels

If you’re not sure of the history of the Los Angeles Angels, then allow us to illuminate you a little more on the team’s history and achievements. Naturally, the Angels are an American professional baseball team from the state of California. Its home games are always held at Angel Stadium, and this has been the case since 1966.

The team’s first owner was Gene Autry, who was actually a famous singing cowboy actor in a selection of films between the 1930s and 1950s. The nickname of the team was taken by Autry as a sort of tribute to the original Los Angeles Angels, which was a Minor League franchise within the Pacific Coast League.

Throughout their time in the MLB, the Angels have had two major rivalries, with the first being against the Texas Rangers. This rivalry is said to have started from the fact that the two teams were dominating the division, and more recently, because players within have played for both clubs, including Mike Napoli, Nolan Ryan and Vladimir Guerrero. In fact, the Angels and the Rangers have both pitched a perfect game against one another – an accolade that no other pair of teams have achieved. It was Mike Witt who threw the perfect game for the Angels in 1984 in their final game of that season.

The Los Angeles Dodgers is another of the Angels’ big rivalries, which has been referred to as the Freeway Series due to the freeway system that links the home fields of both teams. Naturally, this rivalry developed due to the fact that the two teams share similar regions, with fans being split due to the neighboring counties.

Angels Draw Over 3 Million Fans to Their Stadium

Since 2003, the Los Angeles Angels team has seen more than 3 million fans attend games within its stadium. Even though the Angels didn’t make the playoffs in the four years between 2010 and 2013, each game had an average of 40,000 fans in attendance, too. This places them in second position in the whole of the MLB, with the New York Yankees being the only team ahead of them in this respect.

Multiple members of the Angels team throughout the years have found themselves in the team’s Hall of Fame, too. In 1988, Bobby Grich became the first to be inducted as a second baseman, while Jim Fregosi followed him the year later for his commitments as shortstop and manager. The aforementioned Vladimir Guerrero was the most recent inductee in 2017, and he is also the sole member of the Angels to have been inducted into the MLB Hall of Fame. Speaking of such, there are some online sportsbooks that allow you to wager on who you believe will be inducted into the MLB Hall of Fame next. You’ll be able to find such platforms by browsing the Nostrabet review site, which provides detailed information on online sportsbooks. This way, you can find one that caters to your sports betting preferences.

The team’s logo is that of a red A with a halo around its peak, which is also features on their current uniform, in all varieties. If the Angels are playing at home, the vast majority of their attire is white, with red cap, footwear and trims on display, too.

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