Suns May Not Have Oubre for Their Return to Play

It’s a difficult scenario to imagine – the Phoenix Suns without Kelly Oubre Jr. He’s currently third in the team’s scoring, second as far as rebounds are concerned, third in steals and also second in blocks. To put it simply, Oubre is one of the key members of the team, and the Suns could do with keeping him around.

Unfortunately, right before the NBA was suspended in early March, Oubre went through knee surgery to repair a torn meniscus. Of course, due to the fact that social distancing must be observed, the capabilities for Oubre to recover from such major surgery have been difficult to say the least.

It was just yesterday that it was announced that 22 teams will play in Orlando from the beginning of July, and the Phoenix Suns was one of those teams. Naturally, they’ll be looking to make this year’s playoffs and if they do, it will be for the first time in 10 years. Each of the teams will proceed with playing an eight-game regular season finish with the eighth and ninth seeds from each conference participating in a play-in for the very last playoff spot.

As things stand at the moment, the Suns sit six games behind the number eight seeds, the Memphis Grizzlies. The Phoenix team would like to leapfrog over the four teams between, those being the Blazers, the Kings, the Spurs and the Pelicans. Should they manage to do that, they would go on to face the Lakers in the aforementioned playoffs.

A Small Chance Is Still a Chance

While many don’t really see that happening for the Suns, a chance is a chance. So, what remains to be seen is if the team can pull it together and make their way towards the playoffs. Of course, it also depends upon the overall health of the Phoenix team, too.

When Oubre suffered his injury, he was given a 4-week time period for his recovery before he’d be able to return to action. Since that time though, he has had to go through rehab by himself at home, with doctors and gyms being out of bounds for all NBA players.

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Frank Kaminsky III of the Suns also suffered a knee injury in January of 2020, which saw him left out of the lineup for a couple of months, although he states that he is now ready to return to the court. Meanwhile, Cameron Johnson was diagnosed with mononucleosis in March, which left him out of the lineup as well. Fortunately, he has also now recovered and is ready to return to action.

Whether or not Oubre manages to get back on the court in Orlando remains to be seen. He has yet to be evaluated by doctors, so it’s not currently looking very likely. Even though he has been going through his own sort of rehab exercise routine, Oubre still doesn’t know what state his knee is in for the time being.

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