Rally Bus Offering Great Deals For Red Bulls Faithful

The New York Red Bulls have done well early in the 2015 MLS season to stay in the playoff mix. While a lengthy, grueling season still awaits, the Red Bulls have a solid 4-3-5 record with 17 total points and at the moment are far from any danger of slipping out of the playoff race. In fact, if all goes well in the coming months, they might just be able to push their way up over D.C. United, who stand above everyone in the Eastern Conference with a 7-3-4 record (25 points).

The New York Red Bulls have a long journey ahead of them, but they seem to have already laid out the foundation for a winning team that is up to the challenge. That’s been made obvious thanks to a stellar 15 goals scored (just one less than D.C. United), while they’ve only allowed 13 goals (13 MLS teams have allowed more). Their solid balance has been paved by elite offense from Bradley Wright-Phillips (five goals and three assists), as well as the tenacity of goalie Luis Robles (26 saves).

Fans get to see the Red Bulls crush it in person easier than ever before thanks to Rally Bus, which makes traveling and enjoying the game a treat, rather than a borderline chore. Instead of worrying about directions, navigation, traffic and parking, fans can hop aboard the Red Bulls Rally Bus and save time, money and stress in the process. Two killer upcoming road games illustrate the value being as good as can be, as the Red Bulls Rally Bus is cheap and extremely easy for fans:

June 28th – @ New York City FC (tickets from $40-$70)

Red Bulls Rally Bus tickets start out at just $40 at most locations for their June 28 battle against the New York City Football Club. NYCFC is the worst team in the Eastern Conference, making this one of the best road games to attend for Red Bulls fans. The Red Bulls are most likely to escape with points, while also pushing some of their competition further down the standings.

Fans can get on the Red Bulls Rally Bus for just $40 in locations like Babylon (New York) or Edison (New Jersey). Red Bulls Rally Bus tickets pick up in price just a tad for locations like Middletown (New York) or even Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), which ring in at just $45 and $50, respectively. This game even has a Rally Bus coming all the way from Boston, Massachusetts and fans can hitch that ride for just $70.

August 1st – @ Philadelphia Union (tickets from $30-$40)

Red Bulls fans will really feel the value of the Rally Bus come August 1, when Rally Bus tickets don’t go over $40 for any of the available locations trekking out to the Philadelphia Union game. Fans out in New York City, NY or Scranton, PA pay the max at $40, but fans in cities like Lancaster, PA or York, PA pay just $30 and $35, respectively. This is another soccer match that rests in favor of the New York Red Bulls, as the Union are just 3-8 on the year and don’t pose much of a threat.

These are just two examples of the numerous bargains fans can get by choosing the Red Bulls Rally Bus for their travel to their next Red Bulls game. Fans can group together with friends and family and just sit back and enjoy the two-way ride to the game. With the Red Bulls Rally Bus, it really is easier to just get together and go to the game.